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The environment is the responsibility of every individual and organisation no matter its size. As this business grows, so will its efforts towards protecting our greatest asset. Below is a list of current and future commitments for this business outlining the different ways we are helping humans and our earth. 

Current Commitments

Zero Plastic

This studio is committed to be a zero plastic business and sends all orders with biodegradable packaging. We do not tolerate plastic used within our supply chain either and work with our suppliers to eliminate this toxic pollutant at every stage of our manufacturing process. 

Small Quantity Manufacturing

To reduce a surplus of unworn clothing, this studio only manufactures products in small quantities. 


Leukaemia Foundation

A donation will be made to the Leukaemia Foundation from the sale of every Geo Heart Sweatshirt to support this incredible organisation that tirelessly works to reduce the suffering and loss for others. To view these products, click here.

Thread Together

Any new clothing that we're unable to sell will be donated to Thread Together to help dress those of us who need a helping hand.

Future Commitments

- Become a certified business with 1% For the Planet

- Offer Up-cycled products giving old garments another life