Hi there!

I'm Charlotte.

Designer, Business Driver, Dreamer,
Mum, MBA, Dog lover, List Writer,

Welcome to my design room, studio, inspiration, shop. My place to explore ideas.

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I am have a relentless energy when creating and coming up with new ideas!


I've trained in Design and Business Management in Australia and USA - so I decided to combined the two passions, and thus created Charlie Studio. A place to create whilst making some ideas available for like minded people to take home along the way. 


Why patches you ask?

I was inspired by a top I bought on a trip overseas. It made me feel great when I wore it, but it discoloured on the first wash. I set out to make a better quality interpretation for myself and received a load of comments and requests. So I started making them for everyone. 


They're fun, playful, sometimes a bit unusual, but most of all, they make you feel good. 

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